Event Decoration

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Flores y Amores turns events into happenings and happenings into
unforgettable memories.

Our missions is to satisfy and impress.

From Day 1 on. Careful planning, detailed design, and professional execution – with these components, we create events that exceed all expectations.

Our team at Flores y Amores loves to develop solutions, which are surprisingly fresh and fascinate people even after the event is over.

We work hard, so everything is smooth sailing on the big night.

For each plan, we show you different possibilities and fine tune them to fit perfectly. From the consultation to the planning and realization, we tear down the walls of conventional thinking to make a one-of-a-kind result. When pressed for time, we won’t sleep til we accomplish a unique result with an impact that exceeds the actual event and its original expectations.

Big surprises, thought out to the smallest detail.

The location, the staff’s look, the color of the flowers, pretty much everything one can think of – we don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your brand’s recognition value and identity.