Themed Worlds

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Theme worlds to help you escape your surroundings

For each of the challenges that new themes provide, we aim to change the real world and even the more eccentric wishes of our clients.

A land of flowing milk and honey

Perhaps you’d like to be Charlie in the chocolate factory from Tim Burton’s film? Immerse yourself in a world of fashion, feeling like a top-model, or dancing to swing in the 20’s, or maybe a private casino to forget the daily life? From the individual service through to an all-inclusive trouble-free package, we’ll make your dreams a reality.

The vastness of outer space and endless possibilities.

If your dream continues after waking up, then you’ve probably found yourself in one of our purposely built theme worlds. We will make the chocolate flow, build for you the walkways, print the poker chips with your company logo and push the boundaries of possibilities, so that you’ll find yourself in event in the midst of your theme world.


Time warps, other continents or fantasy worlds

For private parties or company events, we’ll take care of decorations, fitting to the location and the occasion. Or we could create a completely new world, that leaves behind the real world, place and time.

You decide if you’d like to take the whole package or single elements of our services. But of course, we’ll help to give you the complete advice, so that we can pursue your goal and get the best out of it!