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Flores y amores – Flower shop
Friesenstraße 23, 10965 Berlin–Kreuzberg

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A wonderful selection of flowers, unusual home accessories and your future-favourite decorations. So much more than ‘just’ a flower shop…




A slice of happiness to go, please!

That we can still routinely be brought to ecstasy at 5am at the flower market is down to the almost addictive pull of the various colours, shapes and sizes you can find there. Down to the tiny-teensy mini blooms, the lavish opulence, the vigorous pink that instantly puts you in a good mood, or the delicate lilac that arouses a sense of romance in even the most ardent pragmatist. And you can simply come and choose from the best of this variety in our shop – at a more reasonable time of day!




Beautiful things and new favourites
Special colours, materials that are wonderful to the touch, the joy of originality and the highest quality are just some of the criteria we use when choosing our selection. We base our choice of flowers, home accessories and decorations on what we think will make life a bit more special each and every day. And to make sure our shop never gets boring, we always have something different: beautiful things and – who knows – your new favourite flower perhaps?




We live a colourful life but are green at heart
We don’t really care what category a certain flower belongs to or what name it’s been given. Did you know that there are between 320 and 600 types of carnations, depending on how you count? We like to make things a bit easier on ourselves, so we simply choose the ones we really like. These might include little Baroque masterpieces, elfish blooms or loud-and-proud phenomena that would give any punk a run for his money. But despite all this variety and uniqueness, all our flowers have one thing in common: they are all fairly traded, are in season, and are appropriate for the time of year.